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“Accountability is the MISSING LINK!” - Keysha Johnson 

If you know what to do and you just need to be held accountable this is for YOU.

Do you need help to stay on course to be consistent and productive?


How many times have you said:

“I am going to work on this habit starting on Monday.”

“I am going to finish this project.”

”I am going to start eating healthier on Monday.”

” I am going to exercise 3 times a week.”

“I am going to finally FINISH this organizing project.”

“I am going to finally FINISH this craft project.


Have you said any of this only to START and then QUIT halfway through? I’ve been there.

Click the link to schedule a quick chat to see if accountability coaching will be a good fit for you:


We all like to think that the promises we make to ourselves hold as much weight as promises made to others. That is what we’ve been told. Good, disciplined people don’t need anyone, right?! When they say they are going to do something they do it. Even if they say it to themselves.

But, the vast majority of people I see accomplish so much more when they are held accountable by someone else. It’s just human nature.

Trying to change on our own is usually less successful and honestly it makes it harder than it has to be.

I have found that some people are just looking for accountability. So I created this email accountability package JUST FOR YOU.

The Finisher Lifestyle Email Accountability will take you from stuck in start to the finish line, helping you to finish well. 

Click the link to schedule a quick chat to see if this will be a good fit for you: