The 5-Day Mindful Eating Journey

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The 5-Day Mindful Eating Journey


Mindful Eating is simply eating with intention and attention. It is about paying attention to the what, where, when, why, and how’s of what you eat.


Mindful eating is the most powerful habit you can develop to improve your health & relationship with food. The 5-Day Mindful Eating Journey is a simple journey and commitment to practice mindful eating just once a day for five days.


This journey is for you if:

  • You are an emotional eater.
  • You are pre-diabetic or diabetic
  • You have high blood pressure or high cholesterol
  • You have been on and off diets with no long-term success and want to make lasting change.
  • You want to improve your relationship with food.
  • You want to be more mindful of how you eat, what you eat, and when you eat.
  • You have lost weight or improved your health with food and are looking for a practice that will help you maintain your progress.
  • You want to get past habits of stress-related overeating or restrictive eating

You will receive:

  • One Getting Started Right call with me
  • Mindful Eating Audio Lesson
  • Mindful Eating Self-Assessment
  • Daily Mindful Eating Tips & Scripture
  • Mindful Eating Log
  • Simple 5-day Healthy Eating Plan & Short Shopping List


Mindfulness isn’t something you try to do or want to do, it’s a practice you commit to doing. Are you ready to take the journey?


You will receive an email within 24 hours with your actionable steps to get started. I look forward to serving you!

Email me at with any questions!